XTERRA European Tour News

Kienle & Wasle Win Germany

Monday, September 11, 2006


A postcard perfect day in the Black Forest produced an exciting race for both the men and women pro’s.  Sebastian Kienle, the top finishing German in 2005 put his name on the very top of the list today with a 30 second win over second place Felix Schumann.  World Champ Nico Lebrun was third and Christian Ruderer fourth with up-and-coming Czech Petr Novak rounding out the top 5.""

What happened was terrific.  The swim course was long giving young German Andi Boecherer a solid lead only to find his front tire totally flat sitting in transition.  He filled it and ran to bike out, mounted and went about 10 meters to find it gone again - the end to a promising day.

At the end of the first 20K lap Ruderer had a commanding 2-minute lead over Kienle and Schuman who were tied together.  Following them was 2001 German winner Ronnie Dietz with South Africa’s Lieuwe Boonstra and Sasha Wingenfeld behind. 

Where was Lebrun?  Where was Pfitzenmaier?

LeBrun after a horrible swim came out 6 minutes behind.  He could not find his legs and appeared out of the top 10 at the end of the first lap.  Phitzenmaier with bike problems said he was finishing for the kids – his charity in Mozambique.

Lots of pulling and passing on the 2nd lap scrambled things going into T2 where Kienle had now taken the lead. With Ruderer and Schumann close behind creating a three way duel for the run.  Surprisingly, Lebrun had found his speed (French pro Fabien Combaluzier said he was with Nico when he started the first climb and just watched in amazement as the World Champ simply left him) and came into T2 in 5th but still 3 minutes behind.  Czech Novak was 4th, Dietz and Wingenfeld were 6th and 7th but there was no Boonstra.

Kienle kept the lead but was only 30 seconds up on Schumann who was 10 feet in front of Ruderer.  The surprise came when Lebrun made the turn only 2 ½ minutes behind, stalking Novak.  Nico had the bit in his teeth and was flying on the run.""

At the end, Kienle won with a solid performance. Schumann remained second, a minute behind but sacre’ blue who comes running to the finish having passed two men on the last lap but Nico Lebrun to take a brilliant 3rd place just 2:17 out.

The women’s race was strictly between Sybille Matter and the diminutive 2005 German champ Carina Wasle.  Matter is a fantastic swimmer and put over 7 minutes on Wasle.  Carina knows Sybille and understood she would have to make up a huge gap – but 7 minutes?  At the end of the first lap Carina had cut the lead to 3 ½ minutes.  By the time the two leaders came into the final turn going to transition the lead had changed as Wasle made back almost 8 minutes.  It came down to one simple fact - had Carina used up her energy catching Sybille?  Their runs were almost even and Wasle came home an exhausted but very happy 40 seconds in the lead.  Hungarian pro Eszter Erdelyi was third but over 12 minutes behind Carina.  Claudia Frank was 4th and the first German gal with Michelle Lombardi 5th.

A sunny 75 degree day, slight breeze, a few thousand spectators all over the course and a very long and difficult course made for a great finish to this years European Tour.  Bravo to Nico Lebrun and Renata Bucher who are the 2006 XTERRA European Tour elite winners.

I say it every year and I mean it every year; we have seven fantastic chances for everyone around the globe to come and enjoy Europe and meet folks that think just like they do.  We start next year in May.  Keep your eyes on our website as the calendar is close to complete and we will announce next years Global Tour soon.  Hope to see you there.

Race Report by “Kahuna” Dave Nicholas, Managing Director of the XTERRA Global Tour.