XTERRA European Tour News

Lebrun, Bucher Win XTERRA France Mandelieu la Napoule

Monday, September 29, 2008

The European Season is over, and the final race was held for the first time in the Mediterranean village of Mandelieu la Napoule.


XTERRA Austria: A Star is Born

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The second edition of the XTERRA Austria Championship in Carinthia was fantastic.  Despite rain almost all day, competition was fierce, the course a challenge and the location perfect.  And out of the fog emerged a new star - aptly named Michael - but not Phelps, our new star is Michael Weiss. READ MORE »

Going global with XTERRA

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Experiencing the challenges and excitement of racing abroad
By Emma Garrard
Sierra Sun

Last month I had my first opportunity to compete in a triathlon in a different country. XTERRAs are held in all kinds of exotic locations like Guam, Brazil, Saipan ... and Wales.

Guess which one I chose?

Yep. Racing in the rain. Wales won out easily over a tropical paradise — the country known for its sheep, castles, scenic coastlines, singers like Tom Jones, rugby and, unfortunately, car thefts and suicides. READ MORE »

Lebrun Wins XTERRA France & European Tour Title for Third Straight Year

Nico LebrunMonday, July 07, 2008

2005 XTERRA World Champ Nicolas Lebrun won his third XTERRA Championship race in as many weeks - this time in his home country - and secured his third consecutive XTERRA European Tour Championship title in the process.  With pros counting their best four scores in six events, Lebrun has three wins and a 2nd and with just two races left, no one can do better than that.

Dave “Kahuna” Nicholas, the managing director of the XTERRA Global Tour, was in France watching all the action and here's his report... READ MORE »


Lebrun, Wasle Win XTERRA Czech Championship

Monday, June 30, 2008

By Dave “Kahuna” Nicholas, managing director of the XTERRA Global Tour…

It was a joyous return to the beautiful castle town of Hluboka nad Vltavou in southern Bohemia.  The weather was perfect, the countryside gorgeous, the food, beer and people fantastic.  This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my reports since 2002 – the first Czech race.  The organization and the setting are simply grand.

A nice change that went back to the early days was engineered with the town council and the finish came smack down the main street of this postcard town.  The bike ended at T2 next to a 400-year-old church (and in front of “Dance Club Dizzy”) and both run laps went past a thousand appreciative fans. READ MORE »

Marceau, Matter Win XTERRA Italy

June 02, 2008

I'm not sure exactly how to describe this event, but let me try. 

The Costa Smeralda on the Island of Sardinia with the fabulous Mediterranean waters and silver sand beaches;  a 4 star resort to host the event;  a goodie bag for each entrant that had to be worth 75€;  2 fantastic parties, the unbelievable Italian evenings and just in case you were interested a killer set of trails for the bike and run that made everyone want to stop and take photos instead of race.


Sardinia Pro Field Hit by Accidents

May 30, 2008

Cala Ginepro, Sardinia, Italy

Bad news today for a few professional XTERRA athletes entered for Sunday's XTERRA European Championship event.  2007 winner in Italy and European Champ Ezster Erdelyi of Hungary fell and injured her wrist and cannot compete.  Steve Laurent, France, cut his elbow requiring 6 stitches today and doctors will not allow him to swim.  Nicola Duggan (UK) fell ill early this week and withdrew.  Hannah Cornett (USA) has some family requirements and has not traveled to Italy.

None-the-less Sunday's field is an International all star race with Olivier Marceau (swiss), Nico Lebrun (france), Ronny Dietz, Felix Schumann and Sascha Wingenfeld (germany), Sam Gardner (UK), Lieuwe Boonstra (RSA), Jim Thijs (belgium), Karel Zadak and Frantizsek Zilak (czech) all top male racers from years past challenged by Italy's Gianpetro deFaveri, Alessandro deGasperi and Giuseppe Solla.  With Erdelyi out, the womens field challengers must be Sybille Matter and Renata Bucher (swiss), Carina Wasle (austria), neo pro Marion Summerer (usa/germany), Claudia Frank (germany), Meagan Stewart (new zealand) and Italy's Stephania Bonnazzi.

Nearly 400 athletes arrived in Sardinia as early as Monday of this week and region officials are thrilled with the huge influx of athletes and families here for XTERRA. The weather also cooperated today with mild temperatures in the low 80's F (28 C) with a slight ocean breeze and lazy seas at 66 degrees F (19C) temperature.

Saturday about 175 athletes including Sardinia's Claudia Pinna, the Italian 5000 meter champion of 2007, will take part in the first Xduro competition in Italy.

XTERRA European Tour Update

May 27, 2008

We are sad to announce that XTERRA Denmark will be cancelled for 2008. View our schedule for the updated line-up of XTERRA Europe races this year.

XTERRA European Tour Update

March 18, 2008

We are sad to announce that the long standing XTERRA Germany Championship in Titisee has had to be canceled.  The town council of Titisee-Neustadt voted against supporting the 6 year old annual event in February.  XTERRA's German organization appealed and appeared before the town council with proof that the statements made by Lothar Burghardt, head of Tourism, were false and misleading.  Local residents, supporters and businesspeople also appeared on behalf of XTERRA but their work was in vain and the council did not overturn their earlier decision. 

"Without the physical and financial help from the town, it is impossible to host the event" said Jan Sibberson, the organizer.  The German series will continue with 4 races planned, but without the big final at Titisee.  XTERRA Global Tour Managing Director Dave Nicholas is working with the organizers on a new site for 2009.

Nicholas said "The European Tour is still very healthy with 7 races this season.  We will now count the best 5 of 7 rather than 6 of 8 because of the cancellation in Germany".

1 June  Italy, Sardinia also the European Championship
21 Jun  Wales, Neath Valley in Resolven
28 Jun  Czech Republic, Hloboka nad Vltavou
6  July  France, Auron
16 Aug Denmark, Aarhus
23 Aug Austria, Klopeinersee, Carinthia
28 Sep France, Madelieu, Cote d'Azur

Lebrun and Dibens win XTERRA UK; Lebrun and Erdelyi are European Tour Champs

September 17, 2007

A fantastic end to an unusual European XTERRA season.  The year started with a fantastic new race site in Sardinia in late May.  Scheduling problems delayed the balance of the season until August and the European weather Gods were not cooperating.  Denmark, Austria and Germany had race days that were without rain, but the days leading up to them were overcast and wet.  The whole of Europe had a dismal summer, but for XTERRA, everything came right at the end.  Oddly enough, the land of rain – Great Britain and in particular Wales – became the land of sun and warmth. 

Enough weather history.  A new compound location in the village of Resolven worked really well.  The Resolven Rugby Club offered up two pitch’s that easily housed T2, the finish, the compound and 60 great campsites, with room to spare.  Showers and a great meeting room added to the show.  We have a place to grow for years to come.


Wasle and Batelier win XTERRA Germany

Monday, September 10, 2007

Two great stories from the Black Forest in southern Germany.  Carina Wasle is nearly impossible to beat on this mountainous course.  She is the horse to bet on at this race.  Francky Batelier has finished 2nd twice in two XTERRA’s.  For him, the 3rd time was a charm as he chased down the very strong young German, Andreas Bocherer, on the last lap of the run for his first win.

I’ve seen lots of races, but this 6th chapter of XTERRA Germany had more passing and re-passing than any I can think of.  Ironman Champ Faris Al Sultan led everyone from the swim with Bocherer and Batelier close behind.  The two mountainbikers made quick work of the road rider with Andi simply thrashing the steep hills and putting 45 seconds on Franky.  Nico Lebrun, Nico Pfitzenmaier and Belgium’s Jim Thijs were nose to tail at the end of the first lap with Lebrun having passed 16 riders.



There’s a New Sheriff In Town

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The first XTERRA in Carinthia is now history and there is a new name at the top of the pro women’s list. Anna Baylis-Scheiderbauer is the name, but you may recognize her as the Aussie pro cyclist Anna Baylis who represented Oz at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and at the duathlon world champs. What some do not know is her first sport was triathlon and she was a wiz as a junior. Well, you will certainly hear her name again before this season is done.

For the men it was not good news as Nico Lebrun is showing superb form and played cat and mouse with the rest of the field winning easily by nearly 5 minutes.

The biggest story must be Robert Latschen and the Klopeinersee team he has put together. Superb organization, a beautifully designed course all in a setting that simply begs for you to visit. Klopeinersee is in the very south of Austria. Klagenfurt is just 30 minutes away and it is an easy drive from Salzburg, Graz or Vienna. A complete holiday village, Klopeinersee is the 3rd biggest tourist town in the whole nation. And it deserves the popularity. Hotels range from deluxe to pensions, dozens of restaurants to choose from and quiet parts of town to counter several great night spots. Combine this with the warmest lake in Europe and the Alps dominating the horizon and it simply is terrific.



Erdelyi and Dietz Win XTERRA Denmark

August 18, 2007

The second edition of the Danish XTERRA National Championship had fantastic competition on the sharp end of the field. Both the men’s and women’s elite racers battled hard and tight in perfect conditions for a fast race. After several days of on and off rain, the day was cool with a slight breeze and partly cloudy but dry.

The swim was altered a bit when a few hundred jellyfish showed up in the Aarhus harbor. Fortunately although several athletes got stung, 99% were wearing wetsuits and nobody was delayed at all. Making his return after 2 years, Spain’s “Vito” Henestrosa led the pack out of the water and up the 87 steps to the run for transition. The major men’s pack of Ronnie Dietz (Germany), Lieuwe Boonstra (South Africa). Jim Thijs (Belgium) and Knute Hoeler and Sascha Wingenfeld (Germany) were all together headed out on the bike. For the women, Sybille Matter (Swiss) put over a minute on Nicole Duggan (GB) and almost two on Eszter Erdelyi (Hungary).

Second year pro Thijs rode the race of his life and battled the veteran Dietz hard. Henestrosa missed a turn while leading “I was concentrating so hard” and came around the first lap in 6th, with Boonstra a solid 3rd. England’s Sam Gardner was flying after a horrible swim, but even with the fastest bike ride of the day he could not overcome losing nearly 3 minutes on the swim.



Update to European Tour Season

July 20, 2007

The European Tour has had two months off and is getting ready to rip through the balance of the season with four National Championship races starting 18 August in Aarhus, Denmark followed a week later on 25 August at a new site in the south of Austria at the Klopeinersee about 30 minutes from Klagenfurt.

We take a week off before returning to action for the 6th time in the Black Forest of Germany at Titisee on the 8th of September. The final event of the Euro Tour will be in the U.K. in Wales one week later on the 15-16 September. The main compound area for Wales has been changed to allow all events to take place even if we have rain once again.

FRANCE: Due to problems with the original venue in Mandelieu and date/event conflicts at the new French venue at the ski area of Auron, the XTERRA France event will not be a European Tour Points event. All avenues of negotiation failed to provide a date that was not in conflict with another XTERRA Championship. The French XTERRA at Auron will happen on Sunday 26 August and will be part of the 3 race French Tour but will not award points towards the European Tour Championship.

RULES CHANGES: The season rules for Professional points were based on six (6) European Tour events. Due to the change in status of France there are now five (5) points events. For the Professional XTERRA European Tour Championship we will allow athletes to count their best four (4) finishes during the season. Professionals must have at least two races to qualify for season points money.

The Schedule is as follows:

Hope to see you there.

Dave Nicholas
Managing Director, XTERRA Global Tour

Olivier Marceau and Eszter Erdelyi Win XTERRA Italy Championship

May 28, 2007

Early rain, thunder, and lightning gave way to a spectacular day for XTERRA Italy 2007 - the XTERRA European Championship. A new venue for Sardinia's holiday paradise, Orosei, welcomed 300 athletes from sixteen countries with a 10:00 start.

The Golfo Di Orosei was mirror flat for the wetsuit legal two lap 1500 meter crystal clear white sand beach swim. Jonathan Ciavattella , took an early lead from the gun and held off all others posting a 16:57 Swim Split. Olivier Marceau (Switzerland) followed a super quick team swimmer into T1 with a 17:12.

First out of the water for the ladies was Sibylle Matter (Switzerland) 19:16 besting the second quickest swimmer Eszter Erdelyi (Hungary) 20:33. The 100 meter run from the water was complete with cheering crowd, jamm'n music, and a fresh water rinse.


XTERRA Italy Sold Out!

May 23, 2007

The first event in the XTERRA European Tour has received overwhelming support and completely sold out all available entries. XTERRA Italy will be truly a global event with competitors from Norway, Mexico, USA, Germany, Czech, France, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, Japan and Italy. The XTERRA Pro field is deep with former European Tour champion Nico Lebrun, Olivier Marceau, Nico Pfitzenmaier, Liewe Boonstra, Ronny Dietz, Sebastien Kienle, Alessandro Alessandri, Othmar Brugger, David Henestrosa, Jim Thijs, Jim McConnel, Felix Schumann, Martin Zois, Frantisek Zilak and Fabien Combaluzier. The XTERRA Pro Women field includes Sybille Matter, Carina Wasle, Michelle Lombardi, Eszter Erdelyi, Claudia Frank, Stefania Bonnazzi, Carin Schrader and Marion Summerer of the USA. See you this weekend in Italy.

Hamish Carter, Melanie McQuaid win XTERRA World Title

October 29, 2006

Hamish Carter, 35, from Auckland, New Zealand and Melanie McQuaid, 33, from Victoria, B.C., Canada won their respective pro divisions on a trademark hot and sunny day on Maui’s South Shore this afternoon.


Kienle & Wasle Win Germany

September 11, 2006

A postcard perfect day in the Black Forest produced an exciting race for both the men and women pro’s.  Sebastian Kienle, the top finishing German in 2005 put his name on the very top of the list today with a 30 second win over second place Felix Schumann.  World Champ Nico Lebrun was third and Christian Ruderer fourth with up-and-coming Czech Petr Novak rounding out the top 5.

What happened was terrific.  The swim course was long giving young German Andi Boecherer a solid lead only to find his front tire totally flat sitting in transition.  He filled it and ran to bike out, mounted and went about 10 meters to find it gone again - the end to a promising day.


2006 XTERRA UK Race Report - Wealing Wins Wales - Renata Romps

September 05, 2006

It’s not that rain is unusual in Wales, but the summer of ’06 in this country was wonderful and it simply was not expected this weekend.  But, as has been typical in this 10th year of our sport, we had plenty of rainy weather for the XTERRA UK National Championship held in Glynn Neath, Wales.


RAIN RAIN GO AWAY repeats in Denmark

August 16, 2006

The summer of 2006 may be best remembered for rain. In Bakio, Euskadi, Spain there were big storms just a few days ahead of the event and everyone scrambled to get the course safe because of flooding. In Milwaukee, lightning and heavy rains made for a mud bath and epic event. Just this past Saturday, rains also hit the very first XTERRA Denmark Championship.