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Lake Plastira Hosts XTERRA Greece in June




The famous Lake Plastira, will host the first-ever XTERRA Greece Championship June 15.

The manmade lake is named after former Prime Minister of Greece Nikolaos Plastiras, and is located in the Prefecture of Karditsa, about 80 miles from Volos airport.

“Nestled in the Agrafa Mountains, Lake Plastira has brought prestige and fame not only to Karditsa region but to all of Greece,” said organizer Κostas Koumargialis. “All the surrounding villages are truly enchanting because of the splendid view and sylvan backdrop.”

The bike and run courses will venture into the verdant forest filled with oak, plane and chestnut trees and abundant flowing water. Course maps and descriptions can be found on the event website at xterragreece.com.

The championship race – second of eight events on this year’s XTERRA European Tour - will feature a 1.5km swim, 30km mountain bike followed by 10km trail run.

Koumargialis has created several complete travel packages with options including meals, great hotels, and transportation. Of note, the XTERRA Spain Championship will be held one week prior on June 2.

For more information visit xterragreece.com.

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