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Euro Tour Champ Batelier Retires




Two-time XTERRA European Tour Champion Franky Batelier – just months removed from a second-place finish at the XTERRA World Championship – has announced his retirement from sport.

“I’ve known that 2010 would be my last season as a triathlete for two years now,” said Batelier from his hometown in Normandy, France. “My contract with the French Army ends in May and I need to work on my ‘reconversion’, my new job.”

Batelier (pictured) will work in a sports clinic helping athletes as well as others with medical conditions.

“I’ll work alongside doctors and cardiologists, and coach not only athletes and sportsmen but also people with lumbago and other back issues.  We’ll practice Nordic walking and posture exercises to help correct problems.”

Batelier did his first XTERRA in 2007, placing second at XTERRA Italy and later that year he won his first title at the XTERRA Germany Championship.  In 2009, he was perfect – winning at XTERRA Italy, Czech, Germany, and Austria.  In four years of racing Batelier collected eight XTERRA championships and two Euro Tour titles.

“I did like to travel around the world, meet nice people and visit wonderful places with the sport, but I’m also looking forward to staying home, going to work Monday to Friday, and then being with my wife and daughter every weekend,” said Batelier.  “XTERRA is my favorite sport and I’ll continue to ride my mountain bike and run, but just for my health. My family is more important than being a pro.”

Batelier said he will stay involved in the sport, and in July he plans on taking in XTERRA France as a contributing reporter for Sport + TV.  He also has thoughts of organizing a race himself, saying “What do you think about XTERRA Normandy on landing beach?!”

XTERRA will certainly miss Batelier, and he says the feeling is mutual. “I’d like to thank the XTERRA family, thank you all very much.”


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