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XTERRA is the hottest off road multi-sport competition, and it combines the disciplines of swimming, mountain biking phenomenom and trail running.

Xterra respect the current world trend of outdoor and adrenalin in combination with mass appeal. The target audience is comprised of competitors with an active lifestyle. Amateurs of all age-groups from 15 to 65 and up of age compete alongside professional athletes.

In 2003, the XTERRA Global Tour was comprised of 41 events in 8 countries, and now Europe is poised to become the most important region of the entire Global Tour.

- Austria - Italy
- Belgium - Monaco
- Czech Republic - Netherlands
- France - Spain
- Germany - Slovenia
- Great Britain - Sweden
- Hungary - Switzerland

XTERRA European Tour Championship is based upon combined performance at the national championship events. This will become one of Europe's prestigious multi-sport awards.

Schedule of amateur qualifying events will be created to extend reach of the sport throughout Europe, and to all levels of amateur competitors.

The XTERRA European Tour is a major component of the XTERRA Global Tour and XTERRA World Championship.

Advertising media campaign.
Public relations/communications campaign.

Estimated reach:
50,000,000 editorial impressions.
10,000,000 ad impressions.
500,000 web visits.

The award winning XTERRA television production team will produce two feature television shows:

XTERRA European Tour Championship

XTERRA World Championship

Additionally, each XTERRA national championship event will have in country television news reports and/or shows.

NOTE 1: Shows will also be distributed in Asia, Pacific Basin, Middle East and Africa.
Note 2: News and anthology programming will be distributed worldwide via SNTV and TW5.
Television universe of homes receiving feature shows is 100,000,000. Television universe of homes receiving news and anthology reports is 800,000,000

These two major sponsorship categories will form the overall “umbrella” of the XTERRA European Tour, and the benefits will include but not be limited to:

-Visibility in two major television shows
-Prominence in all marketing materials, websites, publicity, advertising, etc.
-Category exclusivity.
-Prominent onsite signage at all events.
-Display pavilion at all events.
-Right to use XTERRA name and mark for marketing and promotion purposes.
-Invitation to all XTERRA Europe events.
-Invitation to XTERRA World Championship in Maui, Hawaii.

Note 1: This is based upon a two year agreement for 20042005.
Note 2: All signage, materials, marketing and promotional pavilion at all Championship events.
Note 3: Estimated reach and impact:

10,000,000 advertising impressions
10,000,000 television impressions
50,000,000 editorial impressions
2,000 competitors

This is a unique opportunity to take the leadership position of a new sport with soaring popularity.

This is a “turn key” package which includes events, television, marketing, onsite visibility, and the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with a dynamic audience.
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