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XTERRA came into existence on the island of Maui in 1996 as a combination of triathlon and mountain biking. XTERRA is now the fastest-growing multi-sport event in the world and mountain biking is a phenomenon, which is enjoyed at all times of the year.

XTERRA appeals to athletes and other outdoor enthusiasts of all ages who lead an active lifestyle and who enjoy the adrenaline rush. The event covers all age groups of these outdoor fanatics.

Swimming takes place in a natural body of water - the sea, river or a lake.

The cycling course is a tough physical challenge and tests the skills of competitors. The cyclists have to bike along the ridges of volcanoes, rocky or sandy hills then hurtle down steep drops. It's the biggest challenge for each competitor.

The running portion leads through hilly terrain with extreme climbs and drops.

To simplify the presentation of this new sport, the term off road triathlon has been used to describe XTERRA.


Considering the fact that the evolution of XTERRA up to this point has opened the door for participation by other athletes, not just triathletes, we no longer talk about an XTERRA off-road triathlon but about the concept of XTERRA, as an off-road multisport. The logo is often accompanied with the phrase: "live more" as it expresses the XTERRA lifestyle for a wide population.

As a new multisport phenomenon, XTERRA has seen a huge rise in active competitors in the short period of its existence. The popularity of the sport has grown all over the world. The founders of this sport speak not only about America but about the opportunity for millions of off-road athletes worldwide.

Currently, there are a few dozen races outside of the U.S. and the biggest and the most prestigious events are tied together under the title XTERRA GLOBAL TOUR (USA, New Zealand, Saipan, South Africa, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, Austria, Spain, Brasil, Denmark, Japan, Germany and Belgium), and qualify athletes for the XTERRA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Hawaii.
All the European national championships are a tied together by a Points Cup titled XTERRA EUROPEAN TOUR.

The growing popularity of XTERRA in Europe has brought about in the year 2004 the creation of a ‘XTERRA European Championship’. The inaugural championship being held in the Czech Republic.