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Can Triathlon Help In Weight Loss?

Most people have a dreaded part of their body that they do not want to show in front of other people. It forces them to choose outfits that cover that part of their body. They work out long hours in the gym and look in the mirror at the end of the day, wishing to get rid of it one day. Losing weight is a prioritized goal for many people. You may find different methods to make it happen, from strict diets to rigorous exercises. Some people try triathlons to lose weight. 

Triathlon is a wonderful option that keeps you fit. It provides you with everything you need to lose weight, like motivation, an effective exercise plan, a goal, and recordable outputs. It is different from the gadgets and diets you try to lose weight. Triathlon training is not a quick fix and therefore, it does not get boring. It has a different schedule that has a goal and challenge for you to motivate you. 


Most people do not have a well-defined direction for their weight loss journey. Weight loss cannot be considered a direction. It is just your goal, for which you need direction. Triathlon offers you a finish line that motivates you to move forward. 


You will have a goal as well as a deadline when you sign up for an exciting triathlon. Your goal may be to win the race, to improve your speed, or to complete it without stopping. Whatever your goal is, you will have a deadline to make it happen, which is race day. The whole goal may seem tiresome. However, you can break it into smaller parts, which looks achievable. Give a day for each sport in the triathlon so that it doesn’t become daunting for you. You will be more focused on your goal and weight loss comes as an extra advantage. Your triathlon goal will be more exciting and bigger than weight loss.

An effective exercise plan

Triathlon is considered to be a healthy and effective exercise plan, be it for weight loss or the entire fitness of your body. It is similar to cross-training, which works the entire body. It is not that hard on your body like running for three consecutive days. When you do different sports each day, your body does not have to overstress. As you work different muscles every day, there are fewer chances for injuries, and helps you develop overall strength. Mentally, you will feel more excited as you do not repeat the same task every day.

Recordable outputs

Every goal must have results. Triathlons give you the chance to record your results. You may record the distance covered, time is taken, your speed, etc, and use it later for your improvement. 

How to find more motivation?

Confidence is another motivator that takes you forward. Completing a triathlon successfully gives you extra confidence. When you complete a finish line you dreamt of, you get the confidence to go even further. You will be motivated to increase your speed and distance. Thus your journey continues, helping you lose more weight.