Victor Del Corral returns to XTERRA Racing

“Victor Del Corral is another great triathlete from Spain. I can still remember some great fights we had when I was racing some years ago. His career is full of impressive victories not only in XTERRA but also in long distance road triathlon and Ironman events. I was so happy when he contact us and said that he will be at the start line of XTERRA Malta this season” said Nico Lebrun XTERRA European Tour Director.

XE: What is your name, country and family status? 

I am Victor Del Corral from Llivia, Spain. I am a full time Pro triathlete and I have a 3 years old boy.

XE: What are your top 5 best results both in long distance and XTERRA so far?

1st IM France 2016, 2nd EMBRUNMAN 2015, 1st IM Arizona 2013, 1st IM Florida 2013, 1st IM Lanzarote 2012. 1st XTERRA Switzerland 2013, 1st XTERRA France 2011, 2nd XTERRA France 2010 (Behind you 😉 ), 5th XTERRA Worlds Maui 2012.

XE: I think your last XTERRA was in 2013 when I was still a racer or I missed some ?

Yes, my last XTERRA was in 2013 in France, although I always been training with the MTB, I didn’t have the opportunity to race Cross Triathlon.

XE: Why are you coming back after all those years?

XTERRA has always been in my mind. This season I have decided to mix short, long and cross triathlon in my training plan.

XE: You start in Malta, first race of the season in Europe, that means that you plan to do more if everything goes well?

Oh Yes! It’s quite possible I will do some more at the end of the season, but I haven’t decided yet which one.

XE: Seeing Ruben and Roger getting little bit more spot light in Spain reminds you of XTERRA ?

I’ve never stopped to follow XTERRA races and riders and it’s really nice to see the exposure that these Spanish athletes are getting in our country.

XE: Did you spent some time training on the MTB for this race? Do you think you are able to win?

I use to train with my MTB during the winter and this year a bit more thinking of Malta. I don’t know if I will win or not but I’m training specifically for this race and I hope to arrive in a good performance.

XE: After all these years are you tired of Ironman racing?

No, I’m not tired of long distance, but as I said before, I love the mountains and cross races and I want to mix all kind of that races on my calendar.

XE: Thank you very much Victor and looking forward to see you in Malta 

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