Jose Julian Baron Yuste (ESP): M45-49 XTERRA World Champion 2017

Interview by Pamela Hunt
Jose Yuste is coming from the country that brought so many Champions to our sport.
He won his age group in Spain early in the season and came to Maui to fight against the best athletes from all over the world.
With an amazing performance he took the victory and returned home with the title of the World Champion in the M45-49 Age group.
So we took some time to learn more about him:
XE: What XTERRA races did you compete in this season?
This year I raced at XTERRA Tarragona in Spain and I won my age group getting the slot to Hawaii. I also raced XTERRA Denmark crossing the finish line in 4th place in my AG.
XE: How was your race in Maui? Can you give a brief overview about how the swim, bike, and run went?
My race in Maui was amazing. I suffered a lot but I enjoyed it so much. The swin for me was the most difficult sector but I tried to swin as faster as I can! I was really happy in the morning when I saw the waves because I feel more confortable with the sea in this  condition. The bike was perect for me….I use to compete in XCO and the race and the circuit was really favorable to me. The run sector was really really hard but I loved it.
XE: How did you feel in the race? Confident? Tired? Energized? Hot? etc.
I felt really really motivated. I woke up that morning feeling really good. I was not worried for the final position at the end I only wanted to give the best of me and enjoy the race. I was in paradise doing what I love to do with my wife and friends.
XE: When did you know you had won your age group - at what point in the race?
Well, I don’t like to think that I have won untill I cross the finish line, this when you are sure that you didi it. In Maui, my beautiful and lovely wife when I was in the transition from the bike to the run, shouted me that I was in the first place and with some difference from the second runner of my age group. So, that moment I thought that I had to fight until the end and keep that position….and well I did it. The athlete in second place behind me, was really fast during the run part of the race and he arrived at the finish line very close to me.
XE: What will you do in the off-season?
Now that the season is over, I will enjoy a short holiday with my wife and friends in Hawaii. And once in Spain, I will spend some time resting and enjoying with the company of the persons that Iove.
XE: What are your goals for next season?
For the next season, I am planning to do some XTERRA races in Europe and why not, come back to Maui…. I want to run the World Championship of MTB XCO and the ITU Cross Triathlon World Chamionship.
XE: Do you also compete in road tris on the ITU circuit? 
I don’t use to race in road triathlons. I only compete in mtb.
For me it has been an incredible experience being in Maui. I also raced there in 2015 but this year my feelings were different and I really enjoyed so much being in this beautiful island with my wife. The memories, the experience and the feelings are something we will never forget. I hope I can get the sponsorships necessary to come back next year.
I also would like to thank you all at XTERRA for making us feel like home in paradise.
Big big Mahalo and looking forward to see you all again.