From Greece to Maui

Eighteen amateur athletes representing ten countries qualified to race at the 22nd annual XTERRA World Championship in Maui on October 29, 2017 by virtue of winning their division at XTERRA Greece on Sunday 29th of April.

Magnus Olander, a long distance triathlete from Sweden, was the amateur champ of the day, winner of the 35-39 category, and 16th overall, ahead of a couple of elites.

Robin Tourant from France, was the 20-24 age group champ and the second fastest amateur of the day, just seconds behind Olander. Very close was another French Alexander Montel, who was first in the 30-34 age group. Local Grigoris Souvatzoglou was the winner of the 25-29 category.


“Grigoris is one of the best triathletes in Greece. He is the Champion in road triathlon the last 2 years, and is always on the 1st place of the podium in most of the races he participates. He started his off road triathlon “career” at the 1st XTERRA Greece in Lake Plastira back in 2013, was the fastest Greek athlete every year, and always in the top 10 overall. Last year he wanted to qualify for Maui but a mechanical issue on his bike, made him to withdraw from the race at the first loop. This year he won his age group and finally his dream to race Maui will come true. I am so happy that Greece will be represented in Maui this year” said Konstantinos Koumargialis, XTERRA European Tour Director

Americans dominated the 60-plus age groups: Alan Moore took the title in the 65-69 category. For the second year in a row, GL Brown was the champ in the 70-74 age group.

Mandy Dammekens from Belgium was the female amateur champ and 8th overall with a time of 3:07:21, just 50 seconds ahead of runner up, Nantia Sintzanaki from Greece.

“I love doing sports. It keeps me alive and it’s the best stress relief after a hard day at work. I have a very busy schedule and 3 kids, so I have to plan my everyday life very carefully in order to be able to train.” said Nantia. “The XTERRA Greece race is one of my favourites. The location is amazing, the course is great and the atmosphere from all the XTERRA athletes is unique. I am so happy for my win and looking forward to race in Maui. It’s a “must do” for every XTERRA Warrior and a destination that I was always wanted to visit”

“What can I say about Nantia. First of all, she is very beautiful,” said Konstantinos Koumargialis. “She is the best example of the motto, ‘If you really want it you can do it.’ She is working full time as an architect and is a mother of three. But that doesn’t stop her from being one of the best female triathletes in the country. She has a number of impressive wins in her athletic career, not only in triathlon, but also in running and cycling.”

Paulina Aigon was 25-29 age group champ, and Christina Herbst from Austria took the podium in the 35-39 category.

Read more about the pro race here, and find complete results from Greece here.

Name Country Division Total Swim Bike Run
Pauline Aigon France Female 25-29 03:14:12 00:23:30 01:49:10 00:58:36
Mandy Dammekens Belgium Female 30-34 03:07:21 00:23:28 01:48:51 00:52:03
Christina Herbst Austria Female 35-39 03:18:29 00:24:56 01:52:47 00:57:50
Nantia Sintzanaki Greece Female 40-44 03:08:12 00:23:56 01:52:20 00:48:54
Deykin Allison United Kingdom Female 45-49 05:29:27 00:28:07 03:24:29 01:30:56
Barbara Petterson United States Female 55-60 04:36:31 00:27:38 02:49:25 01:14:13
Helena Erbenova Czech Republic FPRO 02:42:52 00:23:40 01:33:43 00:43:14
Name Country Division Total Swim Bike Run
Paris Fellman Luxemburg Male 16-19 03:19:39 00:26:56 01:50:20 00:58:52
Robin Tournant France Male 20-24 02:32:51 00:21:15 01:28:01 00:41:26
Grigoris Souvatzoglou Greece Male 25-29 02:38:11 00:16:57 01:34:16 00:44:20
Alexander Montel France Male 30-34 02:33:13 00:20:58 01:27:46 00:42:32
Magnus Olander Sweden Male 35-39 02:32:29 00:20:25 01:28:27 00:40:55
Fabrizio Riva Italy Male 40-44 02:41:39 00:18:17 01:31:35 00:49:51
Arthur Winter Austria Male 45-49 02:46:41 00:21:06 01:35:27 00:47:18
Didier Vanderbosch Belgium Male 50-54 02:47:58 00:23:40 01:36:20 00:45:17
Juan Jofresa Spain Male 55-59 03:29:03 00:21:22 02:03:39 00:59:49
Danilo Basso Italy Male 60-64 03:16:22 00:27:00 01:44:04 01:01:27
Alan Moore United States Male 65-69 03:55:52 00:28:29 02:04:23 01:18:08
GL Brown United States Male 70-74 05:50:29 00:34:37 03:16:43 01:49:58
Ruben Ruzafa Spain MPRO 02:17:34 00:18:01 01:18:52 00:39:05