Chloe Carloni: 2016 European Tour F30-34 Champion

“She is fighting for years against the XTERRA “virus” that was already attacking her husband François, but was not strong enough! She finally “cought the disease” and joined our happy, friendly XTERRA Tribe! You will recognize Chloe in one second, she is always smiling during the race…! When she says she enjoys it, you can see it in her face that this true, at least on the first half of the race, as sometimes following François advise “yes you can do it, it’s easy and short” ends up in a very technical 3h mtb race !!! But she is a fighter and will try to finish every race not only to prove to her husband that she can do it, but because she loves it” said Nico Lebrun -XTERRA European Tour Director !!!!

Let’s meet Chloé Carloni!

XE: What is your Name, Country and residence?

Chloé Carloni, France, Fréjus

XE:What is your occupation?

I am an Architect

XE: Family Status?

Married with XTERRA Pro Athlete Farnçois Carloni

XE: What is your daily or week training plan?

I swim twice a week, run 2 to 3 times and ride twice a week

XE: What do you eat for breakfast before a big race?

I usually prefer rice and eggs

XE: What type of diet do you follow?

I follow a gluten free diet and try to eat less dairy possible

XE: How many years you have you been involved with triathlon? What is your athletic background-How did you started?

I am entering in my 4th season. I don’t have any specific skills or serious athletic backgroung, I used to dance before XTERRA. Because of my husband, I fall in love with this sport and this is how i started racing

XE: Which of the three disciplines is your favorite?

I prefer the mountain biking

XE: How many XTERRA did you raced in 2016, (results)

Xterra France 6th

Xterra Greece 1st

Xterra Belgium 3rd

Xterra Germany 5th

XE: What is your favorite XTERRA?

The World Championship in Maui-Hawaii

XE: How do you keep the balance between regular work, family & friends and training? How do you keep motivated?

Its very difficult and sometimes hard ! I spent a lot of time at work and I have to train late, mostly after 19:30 and of course on the weekends. I keep some weekends only for friends and family with no sport.

XE: What is your suggestion to someone that wants to change his life and start doing sports but has limited time?

You have to be very well organized, optimize the free time and don’t forget a good diet and staying fit.

XE: What are your XTERRA plans for 2017?

I will try to keep this tittle and grab another nice Jersey 🙂 ! But mostly i want to have fun and travel again to some beautiful places.

XE: Thank you Chloe, all the best for the new season