Carol Rasmussen-2016 European Tour F50-54 Champion

We continue our interviews with the 2016 European Tour Champions, this time with Carol Rasmussen.

Carol is a Danish XTERRA Warrior that had an amazing 2016 season! She was first in her AG in every race that she participated not only in Europe, but also at the World Championship in Maui!  “She is a very strong athlete, always well dressed 🙂 and with a big smile, a true Ambassador of XTERRA in Denmark, the fastest growing country for our sport!” said Nico Lebrun our XTERRA European Tour Director.

This is her story and plans for the new season:

XE: What is your Name, Country and residence?

Carol Rasmussen, Denmark

XE: What is your occupation?

I am a teacher

XE: Family Status?

Married. My husband is also a triathlete and competes in Xterra

XE: What is your daily or weekly training plan?

I train between 10 and 16 hours a week

XE: What do you eat for breakfast before a big race?

Oatmeal, banana, muesli

XE: What type of diet do you follow?

No special diet. I try to avoid too much sugar and fat and get my proteins

XE: How many years you have you been involved with triathlon? What is your athletic background-How did you started?

I did triathlon for fun in 2007 but went back to MTB riding. In 2011, I returned to triathlon and won my first XTERRA European Championship in Germany. I am a 3 times XTERRA World Champion in my Age Group.

XE: Which of the three disciplines is your favorite?

MTB (biking)

XE: How many XTERRA did you raced in 2016, (results)

Last year I won Xterra France, Switzerland, Denmark in Møn and in Århus and XTERRA Maui in my agegroup 50-54 + the European Tour!

XE: What is your favorite XTERRA?

France and Møn, Denmark

XE: How do you keep the balance between regular work, family & friends and training? How do you keep motivated?

It is sometimes difficult, but I decide to train depending on how i feel, so sometimes I change my plans according to the weather, how fresh I am, if I need extra time for my family or friends. But training is a big part of my life, so I make sure that training is planned into my daily schedule.

XE: What is your suggestion to someone that wants to change his life and start doing sports but has limited time?

Training for triathlon demands time. Start with a duathlon, a trailrun or MTB.  Then you can build up your skills and your power slowly.

XE: What are your XTERRA plan for 2017?  

I will mostly participate in XTERRA races in Denmark. We have an XTERRA Duathlon series of 6 races and we have 5 XTERRA Triathlon races in Denmark which I will participate in.

XE: Thank you very much Carol. Keep “Living More” with XTERRA in Europe and wish you all the best for the new season