Bartosz Jamruszkiewicz: XTERRA European Tour M35-39 Champion

“Bartosz is one of the special guys in the XTERRA family. He is smart, educated, and will will keep you entertained all the time. We coach him for many years with my wife, and we are very proud and happy to see him winning the jersey lasy year. He is a great ambassador for XTERRA in Poland, and with the fantastic work that Wojteck, the XTERRA Poland Organizer is doing, they will both help the sport grow in the country” said Nico Lebrun XTERRA European Tour Director.

So we took some time to ask a few questions to Bartosz and learn more about him and his plans for the 2017 racing season:

XE: What is your Name, Country and residence?

Bartosz Jamruszkiewicz form Poland

XE: What is your occupation?

Director of Sales at international organisation

XE: Family Status?

I am single with one kid

XE: What is your daily or week training plan?

I train 6 days a week and sometimes twice a day.

XE: What do you eat for breakfast before a big race?

Rice with hard boiled egg.

XE: What type of diet do you follow?

I eat lots of fruits, veggies all natural ingredients. I do not eat too much meat and try to minimize gluten intake.

XE: How many years you have you been involved with triathlon? What is your athletic background-How did you started?

I started with MTB in 2006 and running in 2002. My first triathlon ever was an Ironman in Klagenfurt in 2010. So i started from the big distance 🙂

XE: Which of the three disciplines is your favorite?


XE: How many XTERRA did you raced in 2016 (results)?

I was 14th in Italy - 12th in Germany - 4th in Poland - 4th in Sweden and 3rd in Denmark

XE: What is your favorite XTERRA?

XTERRA Germany in Zittau and XTERRA Italy in Scanno

XE: How do you keep the balance between regular work, family & friends and training? How do you keep motivated?

Sport keeps me going and helps a lot ln everyday life. I wake up early morning around 5 to do some swimming or running..It feels great! However, it all requires some sacrifices..

XE: What is your suggestion to someone that wants to change his life and start doing sports but has limited time?

Just wisely plan your day, be organised and move forward…Never look for excuses…Have fun and joy, rule number one. This is what my coach tells me 😉

XE: What are your XTERRA plans for 2017?

I will start with Malta, then Greece, Spain, Finland of course my home race in Poland, Germany, Sweden and i am also planning to go to Ogden for the PanAm Champs..

XE: Thank you very much Bartosz and Good luck in 2017