XTERRA Belgium

XTERRA Europe Welcomes Belgium, Poland

The 2016 XTERRA European Tour will welcome two new races to the mix with XTERRA Belgium on June 11 and XTERRA Poland on August 7.

“We start again on Malta, Greece moves to the Olympic venue in Athens, we introduce new races in Belgium and Poland and the European Championship race goes to Germany,” summarizes XTERRA managing director Dave Nicholas. “Look for an exciting weekend in Sweden with multiple venues all around Stockholm. Denmark will finish the year outside Copenhagen with its usual fine organization. Relax for now and enjoy the Holiday season – but things get going early so make your plans for the warm weather in Malta, Greece and Portugal and start training after the New Year.”

As a couple races are still yet to be added to the schedule, Nicholas said he will wait until the New Year to determine how the XTERRA European Tour point series will work for amateurs and professionals.

3-Apr XTERRA Malta
7-May XTERRA Greece
21-May XTERRA Portugal
11-Jun XTERRA Belgium
25-Jun XTERRA Switzerland Championship
3-Jul XTERRA France Championship
7-Aug XTERRA Poland
13-Aug XTERRA Sweden
20-Aug XTERRA Germany Championship – XTERRA European Championship
4-Sep XTERRA Denmark