2015 XTERRA European Tour Champions

For the second straight year France boasted the most XTERRA European Tour Champions. Last year they had eight winners, this year it was five – all men – with Remi Jeaugey (15-19), Valentin Genewe (20-24), Christophe Betard (30-34), Samuel Pourchez (40-44), and Jerome Georges (45-49).

Switzerland was right behind with four winners – Franziska Peier (pictured, 35-39), Nadja Schmid (40-44), Patrick Lanz (35-39), and Peter Naegeli (60-64). Germany, Czech, and Denmark all had two winners while the Netherlands, Italy, England, and the USA each had one XTERRA European Tour Champion.

Of note, Peier and Naegeli won their divisions for the second straight season.  Peier collected the most points of any athlete with 451 after winning her division at XTERRA Switzerland, Czech, and the European Championship, placing 2nd at XTERRA Italy and 3rd at XTERRA Sweden.

Pourchez picked up the most points for the men with 431 with wins at XTERRA France and the European Championship, a runner-up at XTERRA Portugal, and third-place finishes in Italy and Switzerland.

Last year’s XTERRA Warrior award winner Christophe Maury once again did the most races on the XTERRA European Tour with nine (last year he did eight).

The best-of-the-best from Europe and around the world now focus their attention on Maui, and the 20th XTERRA World Championship race to be held November 1 in Kapalua.

Final XTERRA European Tour Points Standings

2015 European Tour Champions
Division Name - Nationality
F20-24 Marketa Roubalova - CZE
F25-29 Mariana Sopouskova - CZE
F30-34 Ruth Owen-Evans - UK
F35-39 Franziska Peier - SUI
F40-44 Nadja Schmid - SUI
F45-49 Annette Mack - GER
F50-54 Carol Rasmussen - DEN
F55-59 Barbara Peterson - USA
M15-19 Rémi Jeaugey - FRA
M20-24 Valentin Genewe - FRA
M25-29 Stephan Radeck - GER
M30-34 Christophe Betard - FRA
M35-39 Patrick Lanz - SUI
M40-44 Samuel Pourchez - FRA
M45-49 Jerome Georges - FRA
M50-54 Mark Waaijenberg - NED
M55-59 Karsten Olsen - DEN
M60-64 Peter Naegeli - SUI
M65-69 Claudio Panichi - ITA