Woodstock of XTERRA One Month Away

A new Bank Holiday weekend family tradition is forming as adventurous triathletes and trail runners from around the UK are taking on the challenge of XTERRA and camaraderie of camping at the enchanted grounds of Vachery Estate in the Surrey Hills.

More than 125 car camping permits have already been purchased for the off-road sports festival to be held August 29-30 in the beautiful countryside of Cranleigh.

“In our modern world filled with gadgets and electronics the opportunity to unplug and connect with Mother Nature alongside family and friends seems the ultimate form or rest and relaxation,” explained XTERRA managing director Dave Nicholas. “Nothing can recharge a soul the way nature can.”

A trio of authentic athletic endeavors are on offer at the private Vachery Estate to include a free family fun run, 10 and 20K trail runs through the forest, and the world’s premier off-road triathlon challenge – XTERRA.

“It was a great race, the venue is incredible, and the family who gave up their land for the weekend are very generous. It’s a wonderful space to share,” noted one competitor after last year’s race.

Sam Gardner, a former master’s mountain biking National Champion from Surrey – is responsible for the magic of the course itself. With a pedigree that includes major victories and podiums at XTERRA races in more than a dozen countries Gardner knows what it takes to make a fun event.

“Good food, good drinks, good music, and a good course,” he says.

Gardner has lined up several bands for the post-race party, has a pre-race movie night in mind, and is stocking the bar himself.

“Brilliant event that can only go from strength to strength,” was another comment after last year’s event. “The chilled, family party atmosphere is the differentiator. Loved the venue and the live music.”

The racing will be just as entertaining with the best elites from around the world competing in the XTERRA European Championship race, the last of 12 majors across the EU, which combines a 1.5-kilometer swim with a 30km mountain bike and 10km trail run. There is a shorter distance Sprint race on offer as well (750m swim / 15km bike / 5km trail run) and both can be contested as part of a relay team.

“It’s a holiday on Monday and Vachery Estate is allowing campers to stay the night so there’s no excuses,” says Gardner. “Have a great race and then let’s celebrate.”

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