Brigitte Poor

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Brigitta Poor from Hungary, who has been racing XTERRA since 2009, picked up her first big win at XTERRA Malta over the weekend. We caught up with her post-race for a few questions:

XTERRA: What was the course like?
Brigitta Poor: I was lucky to spend a whole week on this beautiful island, Malta. We discovered the bike course few days earlier before the race. First time we shocked how rocky is it and how steeps are the climbs. The organizers find a perfect route for this competition with amazing view on the see. One thing what surprised me the muddy sections on the trail because of the previous days rains. To summarize it: it was a fantastic and unforgettable race! Congrats to organizers of XTERRA Malta!

XT: When did you take the lead?
BP: The swim was a little bit shorter but wavy, it helps me get the lead. I was the first woman out of water. After on the bike I gave more minutes to my race mates. Finally on the run I kept my lead.

XT: Is this your first big XTERRA win?
BP: This is my first Pro XTERRA win. Four years ago I won the ITU Cross Triathlon U23 World Champion title.

XT: How long have you been racing XTERRA?
BP: In 2009, Austria was my first XTERRA race. It was love at first sight!

XT: What other races will you do this year?
BP: I plan to go most of the European XTERRA races and at the end of the season XTERRA World Championship on Hawaii if everything goes all right!

We also caught up with the men’s winner, Nico Fernandez of France, who had a breakout win of his own in Malta. Interesting note, Nico was the 20-24 XTERRA World Champion back in 2007.

XT: When did you take the lead?
NF: I took the lead at 6km on the bike, and kept it through the finish.

XT: What were the conditions like?
NF: The conditions were very good: there were good waves, sun and a little wind. I like the dry and sunny conditions. I live in the south of France and it’s the same weather.

XT: Why did you choose to race Malta?
NF: This winter, I prepared for the XTERRA season and Malta was the first race in the European Tour.                                                             It’s also very easy to come from France to Malta.

XT: What other XTERRA races will you do this year?
NF: I will race at three or four XTERRA’s in Europe but I’m not sure which ones yet. My calendar is not organized.                                                             I also hope to be in Maui in November.

XT: How does it feel to get your first big XTERRA win?
NF: I’m very happy, and now I’ll race other XTERRA with the favorites from the World Tour and see where I am.

XT: What other XTERRA races have you done, when was your first?
NF: 3 times XTERRA France, 1x XTERRA Switzerland in 2013, and Maui in the 20-24 age group in 2007.                                                             My first XTERRA is in France in 2007 in Auron.  I’ve always liked XTERRA but I had tried Ironman for a few years but now back with XTERRA.


Dario Nardone, the founder and editor of, an Italian-based triathlon website, raced at the XTERRA Malta off-road triathlon on Sunday to honor the memory of his dear friend Linda Scattolin who passed away after an accident while cycling in Stellenbosch, South Africa two weeks ago.

“I raced to remember my great friend Linda,” said Nardone, who finished second in the sprint race. “My girlfriend Emanuela and I accompanied a group of 25 Italian triathletes who all raced in Malta.”

Scattolin was on a training ride with fellow Italian triathlete Edith Niederfriniger who was also injured when a bus lost control and ran into them (read more from slowtwitch).