Christophe Maury

French Dominate Euro Tour

The XTERRA men and women from France collected eight of the 24 XTERRA European Tour Championship crowns this season. Amateur racers could count their best six scores from the 11 European Tour Championship races this season.

For France, Sebastien Roux (20-24), Steven Chenais (25-29), Martial Schmidt (30-34), Gregoire Bouchet (40-44), Christophe Maury (45-49), and Raymond Ferry (55-59) took home men’s amateur titles while Elea Boissy (20-24) and Nathaly Cedat Berrus captured women’s crowns.

The Swiss were second in the medal count with four, followed by Germany with three, the Czech and USA with two, and Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, and South Africa each claimed one XTERRA European Tour Championship.

Aside from the elites – where Ruben Ruzafa won all seven of his races to take the men’s title and Kathrin Mueller won six in the women’s chase –Peter Naegeli of Switzerland had the most age group wins with four in the 60-64 division. Boissy, Berrus, Verena Eisenbarth, and Karin Hansen had three wins each and Bouchet, Schmidt, Chenais, and Anne-Mette Mortensen had two apiece.

Franziska Peier of Switzerland collected the most points among all amateurs – a total of 525, while Maury had the most points in men’s amateur race with 435.

The best-of-the-best from Europe and around the world now focus their attention on Maui, and the XTERRA World Championship race to be held October 26 in Kapalua.



PRO Ruben Ruzafa, ESP 600
15-19 Daniel Tryzna, CZE 282
20-24 Sébastien Roux, FRA 211
25-29 Steven Chenais, FRA 331
30-34 Martial Schmidt, FRA 353
35-39 Yann Rithner,SUI 359
40-44 Gregoire Bouchet, FRA 365
45-49 Christophe Maury, FRA 435
50-54 Jens Hovgaard, SWE 190
55-59 Raymond Ferry, FRA 272
60-64 Peter Naegeli, SUI 400
65-69 *Pavel Podesva, CZE 100
70+ G L Brown, USA 190


PRO Kathrin Mueller, GER 600
15-19 Hannah Rae Finchamp, USA 100
20-24 Éléa Boissy, FRA 300
25-29 Verena Eisenbarth, GER 300
30-34 Franziska Peier, SUI 525
35-39 Karin Hansen, SUI 480
40-44 Louise Hanley, GBR 190
45-49 Anne-Mette Mortensen, DEN 282
50-54 Nathaly Cedat Berrus, FRA 458
55-59 Terry Todd, RSA 182
60-64 Karin Schulz, GER 100

*Wins on tie-breaker