Meet Hector Guerra

In just his first full season of racing XTERRA, 35-year-old Spaniard Hector Guerra sits atop the XTERRA European Tour standings and with a strong performance at XTERRA England on September 8th can win the title.

Guerra was fourth at XTERRA Spain, second at Switzerland, Czech and Germany, and third in France – the most consistent performer of the year thus far.

We caught up with Guerra this week to learn a little more about him.

Hector Guerra

XTERRA: How did you learn about XTERRA?

Hector Guerra: A friend of mine who’s a mountain bike rider spoke to me about. He watche the Maui race and thought this format could be good for me. Last year, I went for the first time to XTERRA Switzerland (Prangins) and I enjoyed a lot.

XT: What do you like about the sport?

HG: A lot of things, but the most important for me is the way of XTERRA life.

XT: Will you race at XTERRA England, also XTERRA World Championship?

I will go to XTERRA England to defend the lead of European Tour and after the race I will decide if I go or not to World Championship. I would like to go to Maui … as an experience and also to discover the most important race of triathlon cross.

XT: Tell us about your racing background.

HG: Since I was young, I always go to cycling competitions. At the beginning, MTB and then road but always trying to steal going to MTB races and cyclo-cross.

Desafio Donana in 2011 was my first crazy triathlon experience. During the swim part in a river I only try to stay alive!

XT: Do you have a nickname?

HG: Children from triathlon school call me THOR

XT: Where are you from?

Originally from Spain. Born in Madrid. Now I live in different countries; Madrid (Spain), Paris (France) and for training time in winter I go to Malaga and Jerez de La Frontera (South of Spain).

XT: Favorite XTERRA?

HG: All of them are different but one moment was really the best for me: the Start in Gerardmer – XTERRA France with the music and all the people dancing in the water.

XT: Do you also have a “normal job”?

HG: I’m an architect but I’ve never built a house!  I am also a trainer for Cyclisme, and in the future I would like to become a fireman.

XT: Interests outside of athletics?

HG: My family, having good time with friends and try to reach my love for sport with children of Jerez Triathlon School.

XT: Any words of advise?

HG: I want to mention to all XTERRA boys and girls: don’t hesitate to speak, to ask, to reach inclusive to train with us (pro athletes) during the days before races.


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  1. Sixto says:

    I think after reading the aticrle in RW about people who run around the world, I would want to try that! I am also working on running in every state and as many countries as possible, so would def do that and I would prob give a boat load of $$ to orgs like Girls on the Run, Back on My Feet, etc.

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