Batelier, Bucher win XTERRA Czech Championship

(Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic) - A thunderstorm rolled into Spindleruv Mlyn yesterday afternoon and never let up but neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet could stop Franky Batelier and Renata Bucher from winning today’s XTERRA Czech Championship.

“I have only one word to say about today,” said Batelier, winner of three of four XTERRA European Tour races this season and 7-of-8 dating back to last year. “MUD!”

While Mother Nature let her presence be known it was perhaps the swim-to-bike transition that made all the difference in today’s race. Batelier clocked a 12:51 swim split, second only to Mikko Vastaranta of Finland, and zipped in and out of transition in 31 seconds. Eventual runner-up Felix Schumann was just 11 seconds back out of the water but took 30 seconds longer than Batelier to get out on the bike, and in the end finished second by just 36 seconds.

“It wasn’t so much the transition but the downhill on the bike where Batelier won this race,” said Schumann. “He was so fast, so fearless on the very steep, slippery downhill that I could only watch in amazement.”

“The XTERRA bike course mirrored the UCI World Cup downhill course for about 80% of the last mile,” explained XTERRA managing director Dave Nicholas. “Fortunately the mountain operations crew allowed us to take out the radical 5′ high jumps and ramps near the end but still, the steepness and rocky corners are very different from what XTERRA riders are used to.”

Relative newcomer to XTERRA Ian Leitch of Great Britain took advantage of the technical sections to turn in the fastest bike split of the day in 1:33:32, and was able to not only erase a two minute deficit on the swim, but caught and passed 2005 XTERRA World Champ Nico Lebrun on the bike and held on off one of the world’s best trail runners in the final leg to finish an impressive third overall.

Lebrun, who won back-to-back races at XTERRA France and the XTERRA Mountain Championship in Colorado last month, said he just didn’t have it on the bike today. Karel Zadak was the fastest Czech racer and 5th overall.


Pl Name NAT TIME Pts
1 Franky Batelier FRA 2:20:57 100
2 Felix Schumann GER 2:21:33 90
3 Ian Leitch GBR 2:22:27 82
4 Nico Lebrun FRA 2:22:37 75
5 Karel Zadak CZE 2:23:39 69
6 Petr Novak CZE 2:24:30 63
7 Mikko Vastaranta FIN 2:27:06 58
8 Jan Kubicek CZE 2:27:20 53
9 Tomas Jurkovic SVK 2:27:30 49
10 Jim Thijs BEL 2:27:41 45

Also: Tomas Jiranek (41), Peter Mosny (37), Sam Gardner (34), Jens Buder (31), Graham Wadsworth (28)
Complete Results


In the women’s race another terrific duel ensued between 4-time XTERRA European Tour Champ Renata Bucher and rising French star Marion Lorblanchet (who defeated Bucher at XTERRA France last month).

“Lorblanchet led for quite a while on the bike before Bucher got her on the steep, rocky climb during lap 2 when Marion fell and got her chain off the sprocket,” said XTERRA managing director Dave Nicholas.

Indeed, the bike is where Bucher was at her best, posting a women’s best 1:48:27 (second-best was Emma Ruth Smith at 1:54:36). The blazing fast bike split was enough to erase a three-minute deficit coming out of the water, and her consistently quick run split put her at the finish line in 2:47:18, more than four minutes ahead of Lorblanchet.

Emma Ruth Smith from Great Britain posted her best result as an XTERRA Pro in third, with Myriam Guillot having the best run to place fourth in front of Austria’s Carina Wasle.


Pl Name NAT TIME Pts
1 Renata Bucher SUI 2:47:18 100
2 Marion Lorblanchet FRA 2:51:24 90
3 Emma Ruth Smith GBR 2:54:40 82
4 Myriam Guillot FRA 2:58:42 75
5 Carina Wasle AUT 3:06:28 69
6 Ivana Loubkova CZE 3:07:26 63
7 Brigitta Poor HUN 3:15:50 58
8 Noora Kanerva FIN 3:17:40 53
9 Kateřina Loubkova CZE 3:18:39 49
10 Valeri Eningerova CZE 3:26:15 45


With the wins the “Killer B’s” – Batelier and Bucher – extended their leads in the six-race XTERRA European Tour Pro Series. Neither, however, have wrapped up another Series crown as Lebrun and Lorblanchet, who both sit in second place, have the chance to close the gap in the final two races.

Pros count their best four scores in the six-race series, and next weekend the same racers will face off at XTERRA Germany in Zittau (Aug. 14) with the Series finale Sept. 11 at the inaugural XTERRA Switzerland.

2010 XTERRA European Tour Pro Standings (Thru 4)

Top 5 Men

1 Franky Batelier, FRA 100 100 69 100 369
2 Nicolas Lebrun, FRA 82 75 100 75 332
3 Felix Schumann, GER 82 75 90 247
4 Yeray Luxem, BEL 75 58 63 196
5 Olivier Marceau, SUI 90 82 172

Top 5 Women

1 Renata Bucher, SUI 100 90 90 100 380
2 Marion Lorblanchet, FRA 90 69 100 90 349
3 Carina Wasle, AUT 75 75 82 69 301
4 Emma Ruth Smith, GBR 53 69 82 204
5 Myriam Guillot, FRA 69 49 75 193