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XTERRA Racing Team Tips: Get Ready for Malta!

The following training tips to prepare for our European Tour races are provided by our highly experienced team members. They will bring to you their expert knowledge and insight into the correct individual preparation for each of the first three up and coming early season events. The first of these fantastic and informative articles, is […]


If you are travelling to the US on February or you can access some US networks through your cable TV, the hour-long XTERRA Pan America and World Championship race shows, will be broadcast across the U.S. in some key markets this weekend. Denver will air the Maui show at noon on Sunday on KMGH, the […]

Talking with Tommy – Voice of XTERRA Part 3

Those who have seen XTERRA commentator Tommy Morwood in action know that his love for XTERRA is matched only by his ability to talk … and talk and talk and talk. For the past two years, Tommy has hosted the live webcast of the XTERRA World Championship in Maui, which means commentating for over seven […]

World Champ Brad Weiss is Back in Business

On October 29th, 27-year-old South African Brad Weiss nabbed the title of 2017 XTERRA World Champ in a nail-biter of a race against the best off-roaders in the world. In the process, he captured the hearts of racing fans around the world with his steely determination and quiet confidence. So how has life changed since […]

Ruben Ruzafa: 2017 XTERRA European Tour Champion

We all know the name Ruben Ruzafa in the XTERRA Family! Ruben, won seven XTERRA races and the European Tour in 2017, for the third time in four years. He is a real professional athlete, trying every year to improve his weaknesses and being at the best shape possible in every race he shows up. […]

Middaugh Coaching Corner: Pedaling Cadence

This time of year, many triathletes are cycling indoors. The monotony of being fixed in one place lends itself well to paying closer attention to your cadence. It is also much easier to manipulate on a trainer. Elite cyclists have lead many to believe that a high cadence around 90+ rpms is optimal. However, scientific […]