Ruben Ruzafa: 2017 XTERRA European Tour Champion

We all know the name Ruben Ruzafa in the XTERRA Family!

Ruben, won seven XTERRA races and the European Tour in 2017, for the third time in four years. He is a real professional athlete, trying every year to improve his weaknesses and being at the best shape possible in every race he shows up.

Looking forward to see him again this season!

XE: What is your Name, Country and residence?

Ruben Ruzafa Cueto, Spain, from Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga.

XE: Are you a full time pro Athlete, if not what is your occupation?

Yes, I am definitely a full time elite athlete!

XE: What is your family Status?

I am in a relationship.

XE: What is your daily or weekly training plan?

I use to swim 5 days per week, 4 bike sessions, and 4 run sessions. I also visit the gym twice a week and do two plyometry sessions.

XE: How many years you have you been involved with elite racing?

I am a professional  athlete since 2003. I was an elite mountain biker in the past and since 2013 I am a professional triathlete.

XE: What is your athletic background-How did you started?

I started my career in mountain biking and then the rest followed.

XE: Which of the three disciplines is your favorite?

My favourite discipline is mountain bike, but I love running too.

XE: What is your suggestion to someone that wants to start racing Elite in XTERRA?

Depends on the person, but one of the most important things is to enjoy every training. If you can train with more people and in the mountains its better. In any case you have to work hard, stay focus and be committed.

XE: Where was your favorite race in the Euro Tour 2017?

It is difficult to say, but between Xterra France and Xterra Belgium.

XE: Where do you dream to see an XTERRA in the future?

Very difficult question, a lot of places I can dream, since Scotland until Pyrennees, or Alpes maybe!

XE: What was the key of your victory?

I tried to had good results in every race than I participated! I went to selected events, raced smart and collected the needed points.

XE: Who is for you, on the racer side, a good XTERRA character and why?

Francois Carloni is one of the XTERRA racer’s with the best character in the European Tour. He is a warrior, he gives his best and enjoy the race and the atmosphere like no one. And not only this, he transmits this to the people.

XE: What was your best and worst moment of 2017 season?

Right now, my best moment was XTERRA France finish line. It was not my best day, but I managed to win. And my worst moment was in XTERRA Denmark. I was out of power to stay in front and fight hard to finish the race in the best possible position.

XE: What are your XTERRA or other racing plans for 2018?  

After Maui I want to rest and take energy fot the next season. For 2018 season, I think I will race all the big races in Europe, I will participate at the ITU Worlds and of course the Xterra Worlds. This season I will not focus on the Euro Tour points so probably less races for me this year.