What are the Advantages of Travelling with NIRVANA?

As an experienced travel and event logistics company, many people ask WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES of travelling with Nirvana?

As a first time entrant to an overseas XTERRA event or even a seasoned traveller, our Official European Travel Partner, Nirvana, aim to take all the stresses and strains out of your travel itinerary, which ultimately allows you as a competitor or spectator time to concentrate on the event.

Is it not cheaper to book my own travel arrangements?

One of Nirvana’s repeated phrases is that “it is cheaper to cook at home than to go to a restaurant…but is it as pleasurable an experience?”.

First of all, yes of course you can do it cheaper yourself, however the saving is often a lot less in practice than the initial perception.
Often people who have not travelled with Nirvana before, look at the accommodation price and the flight price, almost subliminally ignoring the bits that join everything up, do the arithmetic and come to the wrong answer.

There are numerous event destinations around the World, where the hotel/event site is over 2 hours from the airport for example.

  • A taxi for 2 hours? £200 minimum;
  • Will the bike box fit in a taxi?;
  • It’s after midnight, the flight was delayed, you arrive alone, the taxi driver doesn’t speak English, you’ve no idea where the hotel is, you’re not sure if he does?;
  • Even worse; all of the above and my bike didn’t arrive, so I have to go back to the airport the following day to retrieve it!;
  • When the bike does arrive it’s damaged!  Bike shop?;
  • Does the hotel provide early breakfast on race day morning?;
  • Do they permit bike storage in guest bedrooms?

Nirvana can assist with all of the above and alleviate your travel stresses.  Then there is the fact that Nirvana are ATOL bonded by the Civil Aviation Authority and members of ABTA, giving you peace of mind.
In over 15 years, nobody has questioned Nirvana’s prices AFTER they have travelled with them and experienced the extent and quality of support they give.



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