Petr Ondrej (CZE): M20-24 XTERRA World Champion

This year in Maui, we saw many Europeans performing their best and finishing at the top spots of their AG podium.

Petr Ondrej, the young athlete from Czech Republic is one of them. He only raced at XTERRA Germany in August, took the magic slot and decided to travel to Hawaii. He competed with the best athletes of our sport, crossed the finish line in 31st place overall and returned home with the title of the M20-24 World Champion.

XE: Congratulations on being an XTERA World Champ! What XTERRA races did you compete in this season? 
I was only at XTERRA Germany where I qualified for XTERRA Maui.
XE: How was your race in Maui? Can you give a brief overview about how the swim, bike, and run went?
I am not really a good swimmer and didn’t spent a lot of power in swimming. I kept my power and strength for my favourite part- the bike. I kept my ideal pace but I was careful in the downhills, because I was afraid of having a puncture. I started feeling tired at the end of the bike course. I started running very slow because I felt exhausted. After the third mile I pushed hard and I flew to the finish.
XE: How did you feel in the race? Confident? Tired? Energized? Hot? etc.
 I was 100% ready for this race so I did not feel nervous at all. I was feeling great before the start. The ambience of the race, fans and everyone who was supporting me gave me a lot of energy for my competition. During the race the weather was really hot and I am not used to it but I couldn’t perceived. The whole race hurt me so much but I was very happy to have the chance to compete there. I can just summarize it into these words: energy, tiredness, adrenaline, fun and happiness.
XE: When did you know you had won your age group – at what point in the race? 
I didn’t know it till the finish. When I came to the timekeeper, I found out that I won. I felt absolutly happy.
XE: Were you riding or running with anyone in the race?
The whole time I was competing on my own.
XE: What will you do in the off-season?
I will give more attention to my girlfriend, family and studies. I just want to enjoy some free time and relax for a while. After that I will start my preparation for the next season. I am looking forward to XC skiing, snowboarding and I want to get a new experience with ZWIFT (indoor bike training).
XE: What are your goals for next season? 
The main goals are to take part in more competitions of the XTERRA European Tour and of course to participate again at the  XTERRA World Championship, if I get some financial support.
XE: Do you also compete in road tris on the ITU circuit? 
I participated in the Junior Category in some competitions of Olympic triathlon eg. European and Czech champs.
I want to thank all the people who supported me during my 2017 journey.
Thank you so much!