Pauline Aigon: 2017 XTERRA European F25-29 Champion

Pauline Aigon is racing with us the last 2 years. In 2016 she took the victory at her age group at XTERRA France and with just one race she finished 3rd in the 2016 European tour standings. In 2017 she raced more than anybody else in her Age group and was 1st in all 5 races she participated.

We took some time to learn more about her:

XE: What is your Name, Age, Country and place of Stay?

My name is Pauline, I’m 25 and I live in France to Dijon. Country of mustard!

XE: What is your occupation, family Status?

I am a nutrition consultant. I live with 2 friends/roommates that both love XTERRA like me.

XE: How many years you are involved with triathlon? What is your athletic background-How all started?

I started triathlon at the age of 11 in a small club. Then, I was part of women Dijon Triathlon Team for 2-3 years in D2. The passion for the sport became bigger one summer in Embrun, a place where one of the most famous ironman distance race take place. I race XTERRA the last 2 years.

XE: Which of the three disciplines is your favorite?

I prefer mountain biking.

XE: How many XTERRA did you raced in 2017, (results)

I attended 5 XTERRA + the World Championship in Maui.

XTERRA Greece: 1st 25-29 years old, scratch 10th

XTERRA Belgium: 1st 25-29 years old, scratch 10th

XTERRA FRANCE: 1st 25-29 years old, scratch 12th

XTERRA Italy: 1st 25-29 years old, scratch 9th

XTERRA Denmark: 1st 25-29 years old, scratch 10th

XE: What was the best/worst moment of 2017?

The best time, it’s hard to choose because I have two or three that I liked a lot, but I would say Denmark when I heard that I won my age group, despite having issues during the race. I had flat after km 5 but thanks to a Danish rider who gave me his hand pump I was able to continue. It was my fault and a Rookie mistake but many thanks to him as without him I couldn’t finish my race.

XE: Where is the best XTERRA place for you?

XTERRA Italy, beautiful, difficult, hot.

XE: How do you keep the balance between regular work, family & friends and training? How do you keep motivated?

Training takes a lot of time especially for us amateurs. I’m a competitor, but also a good living person. Not always easy to coordinate everything. But it is my choice. I’m training before going to work and just after. I manage to train between 12-18 hours per week. The little time that remains, I take this opportunity to share moments with my family and my friends.

My motivation: succeed in the challenge of every day. My motivation just support each person’s accompanying me in my challenges.

XE: What is your suggestion to someone who wants to change his life and start doing sports but has limited time?

Do not do Triathlon! 🙂

XE: Where was your favorite race in the Euro Tour 2017?


XE: Did you raced Maui this year?

Yes, Maui is amazing and I really enjoyed racing there.

XE: What are your plans for 2018?  

Keep my momentum going, Race in new places that I haven’t raced yet (Canada, Australia…..)  XTERRA is so cool, it takes us to beautiful places, travel, meet new people. Why not, maybe one day I might have the chance to race as an elite!!